fei_profile Fei Chiang


Mostafa Milani

PhD Students

 Yu Huang 

Zheng Zheng  Zheng Zheng

person  Morteza Alipour Langouri

Masters Students

HarikaGorlaHarika Gorla, MSc

Moni Enamul Haque, MSc

person Fei Fei Ma, M.Eng

person Shervin Manzuri, MSc (co-supervised with Rong Zheng)

person Tri Quach, M.Eng

Undergraduate Students

person Shawn Jin


  • Yuling Liu, M.Eng, 2019
  • Jessica Ainslie deLeeuw, 2018 summer research assistant, Dean’s Excellence Scholarship
  • Abdul Aloraini, research assistant 2017-2018
  • Qu Zhi, M.Eng, 2018
  • Farshad Asl Rahimi, M.Eng., 2018 (Software Engineer, Evertz Microsystems)
  • Ian Currie, 2017 summer research assistant, Dean’s Excellence Scholarship
  • Stevie Niu, M.Eng, 2017 (Data integration analyst at BMO)
  • Sridevi Baskaran, M.Sc, 2016  (Data analyst at Geotab)
  • Dejun Huang, M.Eng, 2016  (Database developer at SAP Vancouver)
  • Arvind Viswanathan, M.Eng, 2016 (co-supervised with Doug Down)
  • Dhruv Gairola, M.Sc, 2015  (startup: Datachili)
  • Siddharth Sitaramachandran, M.Eng, 2015  (Data Analyst at ERIS)
  • Pierre Iorio, M.Sc, 2014  (now at Champlain Community Network)
  • Dan Fang, Research Assistant  (now at Scotiabank)
  • Joshua Segeren, 2013 NSERC USRA (now Program Manager at Microsoft)
  • Yu Wang, Research Assistant (now at Grand Slam Media)