fei_profile Fei Chiang

PhD Students

 Yu Huang 

Zheng Zheng  Zheng Zheng

person  Morteza Alipour Langouri

Masters Students

Moni Enamul Haque, MSc

person Shervin Manzuri, MSc (co-supervised with Rong Zheng)

person Levin Noronha, MSc

person Fei Fei Ma, M.Eng

person Tri Quach, M.Eng




  • Mostafa Milani,  postdoc, 2019 (research fellow at University of British Columbia)


  • Harika Gorla, M.Sc 2019 (software developer at Qualcomm, San Diego, CA, USA)
  • Yuling Liu, M.Eng, 2019
  • Abdul Aloraini, research assistant 2017/2018
  • Qu Zhi, M.Eng, 2018 (Software Engineer, OrthoEvidence Inc.)
  • Farshad Asl Rahimi, M.Eng., 2018 (Software Engineer, Evertz Microsystems)
  • Stevie Niu, M.Eng, 2017 (Data integration analyst at BMO)
  • Sridevi Baskaran, M.Sc, 2016  (Data analyst at Scotiabank)
  • Dejun Huang, M.Eng, 2016  (Database developer at SAP Vancouver)
  • Arvind Viswanathan, M.Eng, 2016 (co-supervised with Doug Down)
  • Dhruv Gairola, M.Sc, 2015  (startup: Datachili)
  • Siddharth Sitaramachandran, M.Eng, 2015  (Data Analyst at ERIS)
  • Pierre Iorio, M.Sc, 2014  (now at Champlain Community Network)
  • Dan Fang, Research Assistant  (now at Scotiabank)


  • Ziyi (Shawn) Jin, 2018/2019, (developer, Google, Portland, USA)
  • Jessica Ainslie deLeeuw, 2018 summer research assistant, Dean’s Excellence Scholarship
  • Ian Currie, 2017 summer research assistant, Dean’s Excellence Scholarship
  • Joshua Segeren, 2013 NSERC USRA (now Program Manager at Microsoft)
  • Yu Wang, Research Assistant (now at Grand Slam Media)